Guidelines to become a prepaid vendor for ECG

· Registered Business.
· Apply to ECG officially through the Regional General Manager.
· You will be notified to see the ICT officer for inspection of premises.
· Your premises must be suitable for vending.
· You must be able to use a computer.
· Your premises must be secured with burglar-proof
· You must be at least 3 km apart from the nearest vendor.
· You must be able to access the ECG server when tested.
· After inspection, you will acquire these accessories; i.e. radio, computer, office furniture (at prospective vendor’s expense)
· An IT officer will be tasked to install all the equipment.
· ECG will provide you card readers and printer and training for cashier or salesperson (at no cost to the vendor).
· Vendor deposits cash should not less than GHS 2000.00 for quota.
· A commission of 1.9% is added in the form of units to sell.
· You are not required to pay for these services.

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