Frequently Asked Questions

Service Connections

I have just completed my building and some “Staff” of ECG are demanding some amount of money to get me connected to the National grid. What is your procedure for service connection?

Step 1:
Registration of Customer’s request

1. Any prospective customer must first ensure his electrical installations and maintenance has been carried out by a licensed electrician following the prevailing wiring regulations.

  1. The customer's first point of call at ECG is the Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) who would issue a Service Form to him.
  2. The customer must complete the service form and in addition, submit the following documents to the (CRA):
    The original and photocopy of the site plan for the premises.
    A valid identification card for a New Service Applicant.

On receipt of the above, the CRA registers the customer and a New Service Form is printed for the customer at a fee of Ghc 10.00

Step 2:
Provision of Quotation or Estimates

1. The Estimator with an Inspection Service Order will visit and survey the customer’s premises or site for information necessary for the provision of a quotation or estimate.

  1. The Customer Relations Assistant creates a contract and generates a quotation for payment by the customer.
  2. The contract is then signed by the customer.

Step 3:
Electricity Supply Connection

Subject to the full payment of the quotation by the prospective customer, ECG undertakes to provide electricity connection to your premises within the following periods:

- 3 working days, if the supply line already exists
- 5 working days, if the service connection requires a supply line extension of up to 2 poles.

The approved costs for the various types of service connection are provided below for the guidance of prospective customers:


Separate Meter
A separate meter may be provided upon a request from a customer living in a multi-family dwelling whose average monthly consumption is at least 300kWh.
Existing customers who require a separate meter must complete the service form at a fee of Ghc10 and attach a copy of the receipt of payment of all debt on the existing or parent meter.

Additional Information
Both existing and prospective customers are to ensure that they obtain ECG receipts for the full amounts they pay for any service officially rendered to them.

All requests for New Service Connection or Separate meter connection should always be directed at the Customer Relations Assistants who are officially authorized to handle such requests

Avoid the use of middlemen. When in doubt, request to examine the identity card of the staff.


I live in a compound house; I would like to have a separate meter. What is the requirement and what should I do?

Step 1
Registration of Customer’s request.

1. The prospective separate meter customer must first ensure that the electrical installations have been well separated by a licensed electrician per the prevailing wiring regulations.
2. The customer’s monthly consumption must not be less than 300units for three consecutive months.
3. His first point of call at the Customer Services Centre is the Customer Relations Assistant(CRA), who will issue a service form to him.
4. The customer must complete the service form and in addition submit the following documents to the CRA:
A copy of the receipt of payment of all debt on the existing/parent meter
A valid identification card of the landlord or landlady of the premises OR a copy of an affidavit OR a copy of the Tenancy agreement(that is if you are a tenant)
5. Certificate of good wiring from the Energy Commission
On receipt of the above, the CRA registers the customer and a Service Form is printed for the customer at a fee of GHc 10.00

Step 2
Provision of Quotation

1.   The Estimator, with an Inspection Service Order will schedule an inspection of the customer’s premises or site for information necessary for the provision of a quotation of estimate.

2.  The Customer Relations Assistant then creates a contract and generates a quotation for payment by the customer.

  1. The contract is then signed by the customer.

Step 3.
Separate Meter Service Connection

1. Subject to the full payment of the quotation by the customer ECG undertakes to provide a Separate meter connection to your premises within three (3) working days.


What is the procedure for Service Connection under SHEP?

Government of Ghana (GOG) projects which are geared towards rural electrification such as SHEP or GEDAP are targeted at the rural communities to enable as many Ghanaians to get access to electricity.

Electricity supply to the rural areas curbs the incidence of rampant rural/urban drift and is intended to improve the standard of living of the people in these communities.

These projects are generally pre-funded by the Government or foreign donors and implemented by the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited.

Target Market/Beneficiary:
The rural electrification project targets the following groups of customers:
Residential(wooden and concrete)
Non-Residential (Offices, business centres, health centres, kiosks/containers, factories, chapels and mosques, schools, community centres and markets etc.

Getting started:

Customer Education
The Regional Marketing Officers will usually visit the communities earmarked for the project to educate and register all prospective customers. He/She works on the project in the communities with the assistance of Assemblymen, Electrification/Unit Committees and Chiefs to arrange for durbars.

Highlights of Customer Education Programs
Numbering of premises to be initiated and implemented by the Marketing Officer. IN most communities, the Dist and Metropolitan Assembly do not provide house numbers, so we generate our own for these exercises, e.g. ECG001, etc

The Company budgets for Red Paint for this exercise and receives labour support from the community.

1. Wiring of Premises
   All potential customers must ensure that their premises are wired up by ECG licensed Electrical Contractors. When in doubt you may demand and inspect a copy of his license.
2. The meter board must be fixed at a height of 1.8m (6ft) above the ground and located in an accessible location in the house (e.g. veranda, porch or corridor)
3. Earth rods must be buried.
4. The Main Switch must be fixed
5. All fittings such as consumer unit, sockets and switches put in place.
6. Service wires from the facial board to the meter board must be visible.

Customers must complete supply application forms (Available at all Customer Service Centres(CSC)/District Offices. The Officer runs through the basics of completing a form together with them.


How long does one need to wait for a connection to the National Grid?
There is no programmed waiting program before connection. Registered customer lists are prepared and submitted to the SHEP RURAL office for further processing. Whenever Meters and accompanying accessories are available, the beneficiary Communities would be connected to the National Grid.


Getting Connected to the National Grid.
Service connection is usually contracted out to third-party contractors, who are issued with serially numbered meters to connect paid-up and registered customers. Service connection is free of charge and potential customers are not obliged to feed or offer an honorarium to the staff of the contracting companies for the services rendered.

Kindly contact the District Manager or Regional Marketing Officer if additional registration of customers is required. Avoid dealing with ANY unauthorized persons who pose as representatives of ECG.

Your Maiden Bill
Your first bill will be estimated on a 400/200units consumption for residential/non-residential customers. An actual bill will

Subsequently, be prepared when the meter in your premises is read on the delivery of your maiden bill.

Kindly, contact the District Manager/CRA/Marketing Officer for a further explanation of your maiden bill.

  • What kind of meter to expect for the supply connection.
    The Government of Ghana (GOG) projects such as SHEP/GEDAP are usually supplied with electronic credit meter with a rating of 60/15, 25/5, 15/5



Payment of Bills

I am a Post-paid customer, where and how do I pay my bills?

All post-paid customers can make bill payments at any of ECG’s operational Regions, District Offices or Payment outlets and have a real-time update of the payment into the customer database.

  1. ECG District/Customer Service Centers.
  2. Private ECG Vending Station
  3. I have made payments through the bank but it has not reflected on my bill, what should I do?

Kindly make a copy of the receipt available to the District Manager for prompt redress of your complaint.


Why should I pay for the huge debts on my electricity account when it was consumed by the previous tenant?

The bearer of the account is usually responsible for his debts. User or Tenants who are not holders of the accounts must be made to settle all outstanding balances by their landlords before they vacate the premises. Failure to do so would result in ECG demanding payments from any other users of the account on the premises.

Billing on the Commercial Management System allows for final bills of customers to be prepared and printed on request so the tenant does not leave any bills unpaid.


Do I have to pay for the replacement of a burnt meter/faulty meter/stolen meter even when it is not my fault?

Burnt Meter
The ECG Technical team will assess the cause of the damage. If the customer is found to be culpable as a result of negligence, a bill for payment for the replacement of the Burnt Meter will be issued to him.

Faulty Meter
Faulty meters are replaced at no cost to the customer if they are found to have been tampered with.

Stolen Meter
The customer will support his request for meter replacement with a police report. If the cause for the theft is not a result of the customer’s negligence, a meter will be replaced at no cost to the customer.


Can I pay my Electricity Bill at any bank or payment outlet?

All postpaid customers can make bill payments at any of ECG’s operational Regions, Districts or Payment outlets and experience a real-time update of the payments in our customer database.


Why does my bill increase every month?

The bills are calculated based on the energy consumed for the month, plus statutory fixed charges. Your electricity usage rate is paramount in determining your consumption and you probably need to conserve energy so your consumption does not increase arbitrarily.

Also, you could change your lights to LED and save your energy, you could also discard very old electrical gadgets that are not energy efficient.


I want to have some details on my bill changed, how do I go about it?

Kindly visit or write to the District Manager of your area. Be sure to include the following details that will enable us to expedite action on your issue:

  1. Account name & Account Number/SPN Number
  2. Geographic code
  3. The number is written in Red on the Service Pole in front of your premises (i.e Pole Number)

If the name on the account has changed due to divorce, marriage or death, kindly attach a copy of the dissolution, Marriage or Death certificate.


By a copy of a letter, I requested ECG to suspend billing my account because I was travelling out of the country. I returned to find that the bill is running with a huge outstanding, what should I do?

You need to register your complaint at the District that serves your area. Technical staff from the Customer Services Directorate will visit your premises to take the reading for an adjustment process to be initiated on your account if necessary. You may have to attach a copy of the letter submitted earlier for ease of reference.

However, the service charge which is a monthly charge on your bill can not be subjected to the adjustment process.


Why am I receiving bills after my meter has been disconnected?

You will continue to receive bills because although the meter was disconnected on the field, your account has not been disconnected and removed from our Customers’ database. The monthly service charge which cannot be waived will be accumulating on your account.


What is a service charge?

A Service Charge is a monthly charge for customer services rendered (i.e. in maintaining the network equipment) in addition to the amount already charged for the use of Electricity.


Can I purchase prepaid credits at any vending station?

No. The prepaid meter which has been installed at your premises usually determines which vending station you may vend electricity from.
Kindly contact your District Office to know where you can purchase tokens for your meter.


My prepaid card is missing. How can I get a new one and how much will it cost me?
Your missing card is replaceable at a fee. With a copy of your vending receipt, you may register at the District Office and a new card will be programmed for you.


I have credit on my prepaid meter, but there is no power in my house although my neighbours have power.

There could be two reasons for this occurrence:
1. The meter might have tripped off as a result of an over/under voltage. This will be indicated on the screen of the meter and the amber light will show (POWER OFF)

  1. When a fuse blows off in the main switch a fault may occur and could cause the power to go off.


Disconnection and reconnection
What is required of me to re-connect my disconnected service?

You will need to settle your outstanding bill and pay the approved and applicable reconnection fee at your designated ECG District Office.


I have paid the reconnection fee after having been disconnected. When should I expect the meter to be reconnected?
Your meter will be reconnected as soon as the reconnection Team is available to do so, usually within the same day.


Why have I been disconnected although I do not owe on my account.

Disconnection is the deliberate and temporary curtailment of power supply to the premises of Customers’ as a result of Non-payment of bills or illegal connection or unauthorized extension of supply.

It is a very unpleasant experience for the affected Customer as well as ECG and a waste of both Human and material resources.

ECG may authorize disconnection of a customer’s service or supply after proper notice has been made.

Disconnecting Supply.
The Company has the right to disconnect supply temporarily when necessary, to enable it to carry out repairs, maintenance, others.

Essential work on the distribution network, service cables or to connect other customers.

Notice of such temporary disconnection shall normally be given by the Company. IN other cases where supply is disconnected because of Non Payment of charges, supply will be reconnected after all outstanding charges and reconnection fees are paid by the Customer.

The effects of disconnection are:
- It is inconvenient for the Customer.
- Production comes to an end
- The Company loses Revenue

To avoid the discomfort and embarrassments of disconnections, Customers are advised to:
Pay Bills promptly
Pay some amount on account equivalent to previous bills charged even if the Bill is delayed.
Get in touch with ECG Customer Services Center that serves your area in case you have an issue with your Bill.


Illegal Connection and the Law
I have been charged with illegally connecting electricity to my house, please, what is an illegal connection?

An illegal connection is the acquisition of Electricity services from an unauthorized person or source.

It includes the following:

Illegal Direct Connection
This occurs when the customer connects the electricity supply to his premises without a meter.

Illegal Meter Transfer
This occurs when a customer/applicant removes a legally installed meter from its original location to another location without the approval of ECG and or payment of the necessary charges by the customer/applicant.

Meter Tampering
1. A customer is said to have tampered with ECG Meter when the meter has had its original seals removed/damaged/replaced with another of the same or different kind.
2. When the potential links are loosed or completely removed by the customer or his agent/attendants.
3. When the terminal for the source voltage (incoming cables) are linked to the load cables (outgoing) in the meter
4. When anything is done to slow down the meter or causes the meter to be physically damaged.

Meter By-Pass
This is when a customer/applicant connects portions or all of his load(gadgets) without passing through the meter although a meter has been installed for the customer.

Network Extensions
This is when a customer extends an existing ECG Distribution/transmission network to his site without approval from ECG. Heer the premises might have been connected to the new construction or not yet connected. In some cases, the illegal construction is unearthed several months after a legal meter has been installed on the illegally constructed network.

Illegal Distribution of Service Supply
This occurs when an applicant/customer who has acquired supply legally decides to extend the supply to his neighbours for a benefit or no benefit without written authorization from ECG.

Self-Reconnection after disconnection
A customer may be disconnected for some reasons such as violation of any of the above, owing to a bill, safety reasons, default on an agreed payment schedule.
An illegal connection is an offence subject to arrest and prosecution.

Some of the effects of illegal connection are:

- Overloading of transformers and lines
- Poor electricity supply of the premises
- Possible damage to Electrical Appliances
- Risk of fire outbreak on the premises.

Rewards for reporting illegal connections.
The General Public should not that there is a cash reward for every informant on power theft when it is confirmed.

My neighbour has lights but no meter. Is this normal?
No. This is not normal. ECG does not draw services lines without meters, Meters are measuring devices used to measure the amount of electricity consumed by a customer within a period and thereafter bill him appropriately.

We must account for the energy distributed to customers. This is a clear example of an illegal connection.


I have moved houses; can I remove and install the that was installed at the previous premises at my new premises?

No. You cannot remove and Install the old meter at your new premises.

A meter is issued for use in a specific location and is NEVER transferable to another point. Even a shift of the Meter’s position within the same premises must be approved and carried out by ECG.

Only authorized representatives of the Company may conduct, relocate, remove or disconnect a Meter on the premises of a Customer.

REMEMBER, tampering with an ECG Meter is ILLEGAL, subject to arrest and Prosecution.


ECG is replacing credit meters with prepayment meters in my vicinity, I prefer the credit to the prepayment meter, can I resist?

Meters are devices installed in the Customer’s premises to measure and record the amount of electricity supplied over a period of time. It is the Company’s prerogative to install post-paid or pre-paid meters at its valued customers’ premises. The customers’ preference is irrelevant in this case.

Currently, there are two (2) kinds of meters installed on customers’ premises. The post and pre-paid meters.

ECG Meters are and remain the bona fide property of the Company. It is the Company’s prerogative to maintain or replace any kind of meter in a particular place and the customer does not have the right to exercise his preference.

The customers would usually be informed and educated on the installation and use of the prepaid meter.

However, the prepayment meter has the following benefits over the Credit meter:

You decide on how much money you want to commit to your electricity consumption.

- No more estimated bills.
- No more risk of disconnection
- You can use electricity wisely and reduce your expenditure on it.
- if you are a landlord, your tenant who moves out of your residence cannot leave behind an unpaid bill.


The remote to my prepaid meter is not responding. What should I do?

You must register this complaint at the prepayment fault section, at our District Office or the Customer Services Center that serves your area for prompt resolution of this complaint.


Can I ask any qualified electrician to reconnect my meter after settling my bills and paying the requisite reconnection fee?

No. Only qualified and authorized personnel from ECG must reconnect your meter. Reconnection by any other Electrician is illegal. Kindly contact ECG for authorized personnel to carry out your reconnections.


I have a functional meter but it has not been read for over a year, what must I do?

Kindly visit or write to the District Manager for prompt redress of this complaint. Attach the following details to your letter:
- meter card, if any
- meter number embossed on the meter
- Accounts number
- A snapshot of the meter at close range


Street Lighting
I need a street light in front of my house. What is the procedure?

Street Lighting is a public lighting facility designed to give luminance to roads and streets.

The positioning of the luminaries should be such that the area of the peak intensity of the luminous flux(lamp output) is directed towards the road or street.


  1. If an individual/Resident Association/Organization is interested in street lighting, they must apply directly or through the Assembly/Municipal/Metropolitan Assembly/ECG District Manager to the General Manager of their area with a copy of the layout of their locality.
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the General Manager shall invite an ECG certified Electrical Contractor to submit estimates.

Alternatively, applicants may nominate their contractor who would be vetted by ECG.

  1. Estimates shall be prepared, making provision for manual switching and either a photocell or timer switching.
    Luminaries shall be standard 150/250 W Sodium High-Pressure Luminaries and lamp or LED complete lightings.
    5. The General Manager or District Manager shall verify that the source transformer/feeder has adequate reserve capacity to safely supply all the lamps to be connected.
    6. The applicant shall then be informed about the cost of the project.
    7. The applicant shall pay the amount to ECG as a deposit for the ECG appointed contractor.
    8. ECG shall ask the contractor to commence work and on completion, shall pay the contractor with the amount deposited by the applicant.
    9. In the situation where the contractor was the client’s choice vetted by the ECG, the selected Contractor shall liaise with the street light fixtures. SECTION before the erection and commissioning of the lights to ensure compliance with ECG specifications.
    10. The contractor shall undertake the installation only after a formal authorization by the General Manager/District Manager.

Street lighting with any of the following defects shall be removed:

  1. Street Lighting with luminous Flux(Lamp Output) directed at the premises of residents/organizations instead of the street/road.
  2. Unmetered street lighting aimed at assisting the security of private property. These are considered security lights and not street lights.
  3. Street Lighting constructed on scantling and untreated poles
  4. Street lighting with undersized cables
  5. Street Lighting with power consumption above 250W
  6. Street lighting which is lacking manual switching and either photocell or timer switching
  7. Street Lighting with a non-functional switching system that keeps them on during the day.

Any complaint or challenge that may be encountered, may be directed to the ECG District Office that serves your area or call the ECG Contact Center on Tel: 0302611611 


What do I do when the electricity lines are sagged or hanging too low on the street?

Although the wire could be broken or sagging and yet not sparkling, it could still be live with electricity. Please, stay away at a distance and do not come into contact with anything that the wire may be touching such as metal objects (fences) and standing water. Even fallen trees can conduct a great amount of voltage. Do not attempt to move the wire.


I want the Electricity pole in the middle of my compound to be re-directed. What should I do?

You will need to write to the ECG District that serves your area and request for a relocation of the pole. Kindly attach the following documents:

  1. The original and photocopy of the site plan of the premises
  2. A valid identification card
  3. Account Name & Number/SPN Number
  4. Contact details
  5. ECG has installed a Sub Station on the parcel of land on the frontage of my house. It is difficult for any vehicle to enter the house. What should I do?

Kindly attach a copy of your site plan to a letter spelling your grievance and submit the same to the District Manager of your area for prompt redress. You may include the following documents:

  1. The original and photocopy of the site plan of the premises
  2. A valid Identification card
  3. Account Name & Number/SPN Number
  4. Contact details
  5. There are always sparks on the service wire in front of my house anytime it rains. Is this normal?

This is not normal. There is probably a loose contact on the service wire. The Faults team needs to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Please treat this as an emergency.

The switches and sockets in my house give me shocks. What should I do?

You need to contact a qualified electrician to do a check-up of the wiring and earthing system to rectify the situation immediately. It could be dangerous if left unattended.


What does the PURC ensure?

The PURC ensures that:
- The electricity market is efficient
- Prices charged are fair
- Access to electricity is maximized both in urban and rural areas
- Rights of the customers are protected
- Electricity is adequate, reliable and safe
- that there is a level playing field for the customers, operators and intending investors.



Even though my gadgets remain the same, I am buying more credits than before you replaced my credit meter with a prepayment meter. What is the likely problem?

There is probably no problem. The usage rate of these gadgets is important. You need to practice energy conservation techniques to improve your consumption pattern.

However, the removed credit meter might have been under-recording due to the age or class of the meter etc.


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