Right To Information

The establishment of the Right to Information (RTI) Unit in the Electricity Company of Ghana marked a significant milestone in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen empowerment. The genesis of this unit can be traced back to the global movement towards open governance and the recognition of information as a fundamental right of citizens. In response to growing demands for access to information, coupled with the enactment of the Right to Information Act (Act 989) aimed at promoting transparency, ECG embarked on a journey towards establishing a dedicated unit to oversee the implementation of the Right to Information Act.

The Right to Information Unit was established in April 2021 with the following responsibilities:

1. Oversees the development and review of a comprehensive information manual for ECG.

2. Ensures the maintenance of proper protocols for dealing with requests for information lodged with any ECG office.

3. Determines whether information requested by a member of the general public should be provided, the form that information should take, and how to package the information.

4. Determines which information requests should be denied, providing reasons for each denied case.

5. Ensures that all requests for information are responded to within the stipulated time under the Act.

6. Responsible for evaluating the reasons for urgency accompanying any request for information (RFI) application.

7. Ensures compliance with the law regarding fees charged to applicants, for information provided in any language other than English.

8. Determines fee waivers to indigent applicants and persons with disabilities with respect to requests that are normally chargeable under the law

9. Periodically reviews, in consultation with the respective heads, the list of information officers at the various directorates and the regions.

10.Responsible for ensuring the prompt resolution of problems arising from response to requests for information lodged with specific directorates or regions.

11.Coordinates the internal review of any RFI denied by any office of ECG.

12.Provides periodic training for staff in other directorates and regions who provide information to members of the general public under the RTI law

13.Submits to management, monthly reports on requests for information received from the general public, including analysis of such requests

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