Whistleblowers to get 6% of consumer’s debt – ECG urges citizens to report illegal connection

On Thursday, May 4, Mr. Mahama indicated at a press conference that citizens will receive 6% of the total debt of any illicit connections they expose.

“Citizens who report illegal connection will get 6% of the amount,” Mr Mahama said, adding that “let’s all use this as a means to help ECG. ECG is not for one person, it is for all of us.”

In addition, Mr. Mahama said that over the past few weeks, ECG was able to recover more than GH3.1 billion from defaulting customers.

The company hoped to recover GH5.7 billion from people and businesses who had not paid for the power they had used during its one-month revenue mobilization campaign.

Through the exercise, both public and private institutions were compelled to pay a portion of their outstanding debt in order to maintain their connection.

Following a pledge to pay off their debts, some institutions were left connected to the national grid.



Source: www.myjoyonline.com



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