ECG's cashless system ensures no MoMo or E-Levy charges for customers

Mr. Benjamin Obeng Antwi, the Volta Regional PRO, made this announcement during a stakeholder engagement session with members of the Akatsi North District Assembly, security agencies, and various departments.

According to Mr. Antwi, customers who choose to make payments through the ECG PowerApp will not incur mobile money transaction fees or the E-Levy. This cashless system, introduced on May 11, 2023, aims to enhance convenience for customers while streamlining operational efficiency.

The ECG PowerApp has been upgraded to provide a range of services, enabling customers to easily pay bills, view statements, access payment history, and even assist smart prepaid meter users in the Volta Region in purchasing prepaid credits and monitoring their consumption patterns. Mr. Antwi emphasized that utilizing the ECG PowerApp or the USSD short code, *226#, for transactions will not attract any mobile money charges or E-Levy fees.

To ensure a smooth transition to the cashless system and encourage widespread adoption, the ECG embarked on an extensive education campaign within the Volta Region. 

Various initiatives were undertaken, including radio education programs and collaborations with notable institutions such as the Bank of Ghana, GCB Bank, NPA, NCA, Volta Serene Hotel, and tertiary institutions.

Mr. Antwi urged the public to actively assist in identifying cases of illegal power consumption and report such instances to ensure a fair and just distribution of electricity costs.

He pointed out that some individuals in communities were avoiding payment by obtaining meters through unauthorized channels or using faulty meters. He stressed the importance of reporting such cases to maintain a level playing field.

Furthermore, Mr. Antwi advised assembly members to guide customers who have not been receiving bills or making payments since their meter installation to visit the nearest ECG Office.

To rectify these issues, customers are required to present their Ghana Card, digital address, meter number, and a photograph of their meter.



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