ECG lost GH¢2.4 million during Volta floods

The floods prompted the shutting down of the Sogakope power substation of the company.

Further, the power network of the region had to be reinforced at GH¢2.866 million to serve customers.

The Volta/Oti Regional General Manager of ECG, Christina Jatoe-Kaleo, disclosed these at a media soiree in Ho during the yuletide.

She said the floods affected power supplies in communities from Adidome to Keta, as a result of which ECG was falling on its Aflao station to supply power to the affected areas.

The general manager said at one stage, the company had to reduce demand to match supply.


Ms Jatoe-Kaleo appealed to members of the public to help protect the power poles of the company by avoiding bushfires, especially in the dry season, to enable the ECG to provide smooth services to its clients.

“Once the lines are down, the power is off and that affects businesses, service delivery at health facilities and other industries, and prevents extension of power to other areas,” she pointed out.

Further, Ms Jatoe-Kaleo said it costs the ECG colossal sums to replace the poles.

For instance, she revealed it costs GH¢7,000 to replace a low-tension pole and GH¢9,000 to change a high-tension pole.

The Regional ECG Engineer, Michael Buabin, cautioned the public against the influx of fake electricity meters, saying the trend was inimical to the operations of the company.

He said genuine electricity meters which had been produced and tested locally would soon be in circulation.

That, Mr Buabin said, would also create more employment for the people.




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