Krobo ECG Extends Prepaid Meters

The District Manager, Ing. Christopher Apawu who revealed this with a cross section of the Media in Somanya explained that while prepaid meter installation is still ongoing in the Yilo and Lower Manya Krobo areas, customers in Akrade and Atimpoku will soon get the actual prepaid meters installed for them.

“The process has already begun with pre installation surveys and education on how the meters work. These will soon be carried out in Akuse and Asutsuare, which are all under the Krobo District of the power distribution company.”

In all, the District Manager indicated that “above 10,000 meters will be installed for customers in all these areas, adding that “all these replacements will be at the cost of ECG and no customer is expected to pay for any thing with regards to the replacement. He also indicated that “meter replacements are different from new service requests, hence, while replacements come at no fee to the customer, new service requests are at a fee”.

The Manager also advised customers to “not to install unauthorised meters in anticipation that they will be replaced as this is illegal”, adding that “we already have data on all the meters to be replaced and any new addition will be identified and culprits will be dealt with accordingly”.

Ing. Apawu, when asked about working relationships between the District and customers, indicated that there is a cordial and much better working relationship, revenue is improving, and it is hoped that customer services will keep getting improved for better customer experiences. He also called on customers and by extension, the general public to be supportive of ECG and help protect the company’s installations.



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