ECG working on smart meter challenges

Customers are for some time now, unable to use that smart meter to purchase power leading to the automatic cut-off of supply to them.

The ECG Management in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency at Tema stated that “we are currently experiencing a technical challenge with the Nuri prepayment system (one of ECG’s Smart-Prepayment systems resulting in customers’ inability to purchase or top up their prepaid credit.”

The ECG assured the affected customers that its ICT team was working around the clock to rectify the challenge and restore the prepayment system to normalcy by the close of May 5, 2022.

Management expressed regret at the inconvenience caused by the challenge to its customers.

Meanwhile, Ms Sakyiwaa Mensah, ECG Tema Regional Public Relations Officer (PRO) in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema expressed concern about the behaviour of some Ghanaians who burn substances quite close to ECG Poles.

She noted that the replacement of the wooding poles cost the company huge sums of money which otherwise would have been channelled into other initiatives the country could have benefitted from.

Ms Mensah said that the loss of one electricity wooden pole could affect a lot of people in a community as many people were connecting on a pole.

She, therefore, called for community watchdogs to help protect ECG installations including the wooden poles which served as transmission lines, “If it is destroyed, we cannot transmit power to the residents.”

Ms Mensah, also explained that any unscheduled interruption in power supplies affected both industrial and domestic customers negatively, “given this, we must all police ECG properties within our communities at all times.”

“ECG urgently needs the public to serve as a watchdog to help prevent recalcitrant individuals from causing loss to the company’s property, we must all be vigilant at all times and if in doubt challenge personalities around ECG installations.”

She admitted that the customers were suffering and the work could not have been done alone by the company hence the need for the public to help protect the properties.




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