Some alternative fuel has been brought in, power outages resolved — ECG MD

Some parts of the country have experienced power outages within the week, a situation that has angered many to backlash ECG.

Mr. Dubik Mahama assured that the issue had been fixed during an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show with Bernard Koku Avle on Thursday, May 11.

"There was a low-pressure power issue that led to us having to dump some power, over 2230 megawatts of power two days ago. Steps have been taken, and some alternative fuel has been brought in.

"But as we speak the matter has been resolved largely. There is enough heavy fuel with AKSA and there is some diesel with CEM power, so we will not have such problems down the line, but we have to make sure that at every point in time, there is enough fuel for this situation," he said.

The MD indicated that ECG offices across the country will go cashless starting Thursday, 11th May 2023. "This indicates that all 300 ECG offices around the nation would stop accepting payments in the form of real cash and only accept bank deposits and mobile money. The new approach is intended to end instances of bill non-payment and the associated bribery and corruption that have been noted in that area” he stated 




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