ECG to embark on quarterly integrity checks on post-paid, pre-paid meters

According to Ms. Abubakari, the exercise is aimed at ensuring compliance in the power distribution network as well as rectifying potential issues for an efficient service delivery.

Speaking in an interview on GhanaWeb TV's BizTech, Laila Abubakari said the exercise had become necessary following various incidents of power theft discovered during the phases of its revenue mobilisation campaign across the county.

"As part of efforts to sanitize the power distribution network and curtail technical losses, we are trying to revamp our inspection of meters across the country, so we are going to start inspecting both post-paid and pre-paid meters. Every three months we are going to have a technician come around to look at the integrity of your power system and once it's okay by us, we will leave," she explained.

She added that although customers often complain about the cost of power, it is imperative for them to also check the integrity of the earthing as some wiring systems have been compromised due to poor earthing which results in challenges

Laila Abubakari explained that "Sometimes the appliances some customers use at home are not energy efficient and so after a few years it starts draining heavily on the entire building or structure where the power is distributed so every now and then you have to get someone who is qualified to check on the earthing to determine how much power is being consumed."

The ECG External Communications Manager however emphasized that the ECG will continue to improve its monitoring measures to ensure efficient service delivery to its customers.



Source: Ghanaweb


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