ECG Power Queens launches FemPower Outreach and Scholarship to encourage more women in STEM, engineering

Launching their FemPower Outreach and Scholarship program in Accra, the Power Queens aim to impart the lives of 150 women into leadership, specifically in STEM and engineering, the ladies used the occasion to also announce their 35th anniversary.

Speaking at the event as a Special Guest of Honour, the Chief of Staff of Ghana, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare, congratulated the women and urged them to be daring in dreaming of getting to the highest apexes of their careers.

Using her own life story as a motivation for the women, the Chief of Staff reminded the women that they are capable of whatever they aim for.

 She told them that particularly for a lot of women in leadership, not many people will expect them to make it, but they should never lose sight of the fact that when they get into leadership, they belong there.
“You are where you are and you deserve to be there. Be confident, and open-minded and learn about every job given to you. Do the best and you can be the best… life is about learning and it is when you are confident that you can take on criticisms,” she informed them.

Speaking in an interview after the official launch, Samuel Dubik Mahama, the Managing Director of the ECG, said that he has always been an advocate for women's initiatives especially because he equally gets a lot of support from them wherever he is.

“It has been one of the passionate programs for me since I took over as MD of the Electricity Company of Ghana. The Power Queens have always been very dear to me; they’ve supported me in a lot of programs and endeavours that we’ve undertaken, and I took an interest because I’ve supported most of their projects going forward.

“I was born in a family of 3 girls before me the boy, and then my younger brother, and we have always made it the point that I look up to my sisters because they’ve been a very great source of inspiration for me. So, anything that comes up that has to do with the women in any institution and any company that I’ve ever worked in, I do well to support, and I’m very happy this event has come up and it has gone successfully,” he said.

 Maataa Opare, who is the leader of the Power Queens of ECG, stated that FemPower is aimed at building a lasting legacy of empowering women in various fields, especially in STEM and in engineering.

She added that FemPower will aim at empowering more female e electrical engineers across the country, increase their numbers, sustain the interests of women in STEM and increase the numbers of women in leadership.

"FemPower is not just a concept; it is a commitment. Our call is not just for more women in engineering and leadership roles, but for qualified women who can contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of ECG. It is not about mere numbers; it is about expertise, capability, and diversity of thought.

We envision FemPower becoming a lasting legacy, a testament to our commitment to gender diversity and the empowerment of women. As we embark on this journey, we invite each of you to join us in making FemPower a success—a feature of our company that will outlive us all," she stated.

FemPower Outreach Program, is aimed at empowering women within the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to ascend into leadership roles. This significant initiative will be held under the esteemed auspices of the ECG Power Queens Club on its 35th anniversary.

FemPower is a pioneering endeavour that underscores the commitment of the ECG Power Queens Club to foster gender diversity and inclusivity within the organisation.

The program's primary focus is on nurturing and empowering women employees, providing them with the tools and opportunities necessary to assume leadership positions within the electricity distribution industry.



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