ECG Charges On Free Electricity Consumers

The special operation dubbed ‘No Free Consumption,’ the exercise will involve ECG teams in the field updating customer details such as phone numbers and GPS addresses, collecting any arrears, and disconnecting for non-payment of arrears.

The exercise which begins today is expected to end on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Speaking on the operation, External Relations Officer of the company, Laila Abubakar threatened to prosecute customers found culpable of the act.

“We have done targeted mapping of where these pay points are. And we are going to use the next two weeks to fish out these people who are using electricity without paying anything to us.

“We found them last year and tried to regularise them and they have gone back to their old ways. We now have a new directorate which is the prosecution directorate which is going to take on a lot of companies and individuals who have refused to stick to the ethos of using power and paying for power. For the next 12 months to come we have various revenue mobilisations that are going to happen,” he said.




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