Use PowerApp for continuous and uninterrupted power supply – ECG urges customers

This advice comes as the region experiences excessive daily rains, which often result in the early closure of power vendors’ shops.

The ECG PowerApp, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play, has been redesigned with a renewed vision to delight customers at all touchpoints. It enables users to connect to critical information as it happens and to engage directly with the ECG customer service team to report issues for timely feedback.


In an interview with Citi News during a float to mark the nationwide customer service week, Sariel Adobea Etwire, the Eastern Regional Director of ECG, stated that the app would conveniently and efficiently serve the needs of all power consumers.

“ECG has changed as the world is changing. We want to be abreast of what our customers need. Here in Koforidua, there is a lot of rain. And as we give prepayment notice, we don’t want customers to be in darkness because they have not loaded and the vendor has closed. So this system is to make sure that even when you are in your bed and your unit is finished, you can use this system to pay.”

“Most people have also used the MoMo, so we adapted the MoMo. If you use a Visa card, you can. The big industries too have a way of paying electronically through the banks. So we have served virtually all our customers to make sure that they continue to enjoy the convenience that we want them to so that they continue to pay their bills,” she stated.

 Regarding malfunctioning streetlights in the region, Ms. Etwire indicated that ECG is working with various assemblies to address this issue.

“We have stakeholders, and we deal with the Municipal Assemblies to ensure that the streetlights are working. So I believe when we get to it, our customer relations officers will relay this information to the assemblies to work on that,” she said.



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