ECG Replacing 450,000 Old Metres In Accra West Region

The Company over the course of the exercise would be replacing postpaid, non-smart prepaid and faulty metres in the region with MMS-compliant smart prepaid metres, over the next five months.

The metre replacement exercise is part of the Company’s Loss Reduction Programme (LRP); an initiative to facilitate the installation of smart meters, and to improve energy accounting.

The programme aims to ensure the availability of metres to meet service connection requests and reduce system losses.

The Accra West region General Manager of ECG, Ing. Emmanuel Akinie assured customers of the convenience that the smart prepaid meters offer.

“With the smart prepaid metres, a customer can buy credits unto their metres from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they are, by downloading the ECG Power app, or using the short code *226#”, he said.

Mr. Akinie revealed that the officers undertaking the replacement exercise will identify themselves with official letters from ECG, authorizing their activity, and assured that outstanding balances on the old metre will be accounted for, and transferred to the customers’ new smart prepaid metre.

He said the metre replacement exercise is free, hence encouraged customers to allow the officers into their premises to replace their old metres.

Districts in the Accra West region are Ablekuma, Achimota, Amasaman, Bortianor, Dansoman, Kaneshie, Korlebu and Nsawam.




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