Technical Information & Tariff

Application for Supply of Service.
Application for a new service supply and additional connections should be made by completing "New Service Connection" under Service Request on the ECG Self Service Platform or on the ECG PowerApp.

Electricity Installation
Customers’ electricity installation and maintenance should be carried out by licensed electrical contractors, per the company’s code of practice for electrical equipment in buildings. A list of such contractors is available for inspection at the local offices of the company.

Voltage Supply
All Customers are supplied with Alternating Current (AC) at a frequency of 50hertz. The standard voltages are 230 volts ±10% single phase 2 wire, 400volts ±10% three phase 4 wire. Customers with demands above 800kW may be supplied at 11,000 or 33,000 volts.

With the establishment of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) under Act 538 or 1997 to approve prices, among others on the regulated market in the country, charges for electricity are in accordance with PURC’s approved tariff in force at the time and are obtainable at ECG’s local offices throughout the country.

Click here for the Current Tariff

Network Maintenance
Without prejudice to their statutory rights and powers to interrupt supply, the company has the right to interrupt supply temporarily when necessary, to enable it to carry out repairs, maintenance and other essential work on distribution mains, service cables or equipment.

Notice of such temporary interruptions shall normally be given by the company before the exercise. In other cases where the supply is disconnected because of non-payment of charges, supply will be reconnected after all outstanding charges and reconnection fees are paid by the customer.

Responsibility for Damage
The Electricity Distribution Network provided by the company for supply to customers remains the property of the company, which is responsible for their maintenance and replacement. However, the customer has the responsibility of paying the company the cost of making good, repairing or replacing all loss of damage to the distribution network through the fault or negligence of the customer.


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