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Consulting & Specialized

Technical Training Services

We provide consulting and specialized training programmes in the following areas:

For Industrial & Residential Customers

Power Quality Assessment & Solutions

Problems associated with the quality of power have become a major concern to both industrial and residential customers due to the complexity in design and sensitivity of electrical and electronic equipment to electrical disturbances.
Importance of Power Quality Assessment & Solutions.
  • Avoids Excess Energy Consumption
  • Improves Power Factor & System Efficiency
  • Reduces Harmonics, Surges & Transients From Electrical Network
  • Avoids Overheating of Transformers & other Distribution Equipment
  • Reduces Losses & KVA Demands
Our Power Quality Assessment Services include:
  • Voltage Analysis (Sag & Swell)
  • Power Factor Analysis
  • Flickering Analysis
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Power Factor Correction

For Electrical Installations & Telecom Facilities

Earth Resistance Testing & Improvement Services

A poor earthing system does not only increase the risk of equipment failure but also poses a threat to lives and properties.
Importance of Earth Resistance Testing & Improvement
  • For protection against electric shocks & equipment damages
  • For effective operation of protective devices/systems
  • For control of harmonic emission levels & distortions
  • For protection against lightning strikes & overvoltages
Our Earth Testing Services include:
  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Earth & Earth-grid Resistance Testing
  • Earth Resistance improvement

Transformer Oil Testing & Purification

The oil surrounding the coils in a Transformer provides cooling and insulation. Over time this oil is exposed to mechanical and electrical stress as well as to chemical contamination.


  • Increases the reliability & extends the lifespan of the Transformer
  • Helps indicate the condition of the Transformer
  • Helps prevent severe breakdowns of Transformers
  • It restores Transformer oil to as good as new condition
  • Helps improve the performance of the transformer

Our Services include:

  • Filter oil purification on site - reduces impurities
  • Heat vacuum oil purification - reduces moisture and gas contamination

Solutions for Monitoring & Optimizing

Substation Performance

We develop and design solutions to monitor and optimize the performance of substation system components.

Our Solutions involve:
  • Undertaking technical investigations to determine the problem and design engineered solutions that meet the need of the customer.

Why develop systems to monitor substation conditions?

To increase reliability of power distribution systems90%
To increase productivity and enhance equipment performance97%
To monitor system conditions and prevent equipment failures93%

Harmonics Control Services

Harmonics cause unwanted heat & resonance in electrical systems. It also alters system voltages and interfere with control & communication systems

Why Harmonic Control is Important

  • Reduces power losses in transformers, cables & switchgear
  • Reduces excessive voltage & current caused by harmonic resonance
  • Prevents capacitor banks from frequent blow-outs
  • Reduces nuisance tripping of circuit breakers
  • Reduces operating cost

Our Harmonic Control Services Include:

  • Detuning natural frequency from harmonic currents
  • Reducing harmonic emission levels
  • Modifying the system frequency response

Energy Management Solutions

We offer energy management solutions to utility and industrial companies bedevilled with high system losses.

Importance of Energy Management Systems
  • To reduce electricity bills due to system inefficiencies
  • To reduce operational cost & increase productivity
  • To reduce maximum demand charges
Our Solutions include:
  • Energy Audit
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Reactive Power Compensation Solutions

Transformer Maintenance Services

Power & Distribution Transformers are critical components of the power distribution system that need to be maintained for supply reliability. Regular maintenance is necessary to extend the economic life of transformers.

Why Transformer Maintenance is important

  • It protects the transformer from premature failures
  • It prolongs the life span of the transformer
  • It ensures reliability of the power distribution system

Our Transformer Maintenance Services include:

  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Transformer Ratio Testing
  • On-line tap-changer services
  • Replacement of silica gel

Lightning Protection

For Structures & Electronic Equipment

Lightning activities can cause fire outbreaks & explosions in buildings & industrial facilities. Secondary effects of lightning strikes can also damage electrical & electronic equipment.

Why Lightning Protection is Important
  • Protects communication facilities (Base stations & telecom towers) against lightning strikes
  • Protects buildings & structures against fire outbreaks & explosions
  • Protects you from step & touch voltages (Electrocution)
  • Extends the life of your electrical and electronic equipment

Our Lightning Protection Services include:

Design of lightning protection system for structures ( Building & Electrical Installations)95%
Design surge protection system for electrical & electronic equipment90%

Earthing Grid Design for Electrical Installations & Substations

We offer earthing grid design based on IEEE Standard 80. Effective earthing grid ensures safe levels of step & touch voltages.
Importance of Effective Earthing Grid Design
  • Provides attending personnel from step & touch voltages (Electrocution)
  • Ensures effective equipment protection
  • Prevents fire outbreaks & explosions
Our Earthing Grid Design Services include:
  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Soil Moisture Content Test
  • Ground conductor sizing
  • Earthing Grid Design